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Fox Pass: FAQ

What is Intemporel? - January 16, 2010

INTEMPOREL is French for 'timeless, not of this world.' It also translates as ATEMPORAL in English 'independent of time.' FOX PASS has consciously created a classic double album: four distinct sides of music. Seventeen songs take the listener from the power pop opener HURRY CHERIE through 12-string heaven in COOL DREAMER to rootsy 70s rock of AMTRAK to the elegiac closer A LONG GOODBYE. In between are soaring melodies and harmonies, driving drums, pop hooks, jangly and rocking guitars, and multiple singers. The songs also possess clever word play and, in some songs, address serious themes about existence and dimension. Mostly, though, INTEMPOREL is the sound of a band at the top of its game, sending out sounds that need to be heard, unaffected by trends, technologies, or temporary culture.

You released INTEMPOREL on a palindrome. - January 2, 2010


There are only 36 such dates in this coming 1000 years.

When did Fox Pass form? - October 23, 2007

Fox Pass was a highschool band playing teen centers and dances. But we did all original songs that sounded like a mix of the Velvets, the Modern Lovers, and very early Mothers. Did not go over much with the teen crowd then.

Do you have tapes of the 1970s Fox Pass? - July 26, 2006

Yes, many of them. In those days, it was expensive for bands to release albums. Most of us just put out 45 rpm singles. You had to have a record deal. So, because Fox Pass never signed a deal, we have boxes of tapes of studio sessions and live concerts. We want to put out a retrospective collection someday.....

Why did Fox Pass get back together? - May 2, 2005

In 2003, Jon Macey released a solo CD. On the CD were many of his favorite musician friends, including Michael Roy and John Jules from Fox Pass. Because they wanted to go out and play the songs from the CD, they put together a live act with former Stomper Steve Gilligan on bass. Soon, it became evident that they could continue as a real band, and they wrote new songs, as well as reviving some old FP songs. Then they were Fox Pass again.

What does the name Fox Pass come from? - March 31, 1998

"Fox Pass," bien sûr, est dérivé d'une phrase française commune, "Faux Pas." This was not commonly known in the original incarnation of the band. It seems now that many have understood this and have adopted the idea. We are the first to use it.

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